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Female,Mom,Married, Loves Tattoos,photography,Owner of a cupcake shop & High Heel's,Rockabilly/vintage clothing,Motley Crue ,Kiss & anything else that strikes my fancy :) In short....This will be a eclectic mix of shit (i like) ,you get what ya get & if ya'll dont like it FUCK OFF!!!!Oh did i mention i have potty mouth?? & I may be a little sarcastic... Just a wee bit ;)
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Please go vote for my photo’s, if you wish.I would love it! My photos are on pages 13 & 14 :) Thanks so much!! & please tell your friedns!! http://a.pgtb.me/2120Q3

Why does a person who slips and falls at work get workmans comp and disability for just twisting their back, but a soldier who has given his limbs for his country has to ask for help?Where can you purchase tickets if in the area? Or how can you help? Please fallow this link for more information..http://www.garysinisefoundation.org/news_events/gsf_event_detail/720/

Come on Tampa!! Step up and support this HERO!TAMPA - Organizers of a benefit concert for the bay area Marine who became a triple amputee, are making a final plea to the community. Ticket sales are slower than expected for the May 10 fundraiser that will help build a specially designed home for Sgt. Michael Nicholson of Tampa. He lost both legs and his left arm from an IED in Afghanistan in July of 2011. "We’re really surprised because we thought Tampa was going to come out in full force, and we know you still can," said Chris Kuban, with the Tunnels to Towers group that started in New York City after 9/11. The group partnered with Gary Sinise’s foundation to get Sgt. Nicholson what’s called a smart home.


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